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  • was established in 1981 and is owned and operated by myself, Robert Brown (Bob) hence the name.
    We have now over two decades of experience in television production, independent video production, and creative endeavor. From writing budgets to writing scripts, from studio programs to field production, from full length documentaries to how-to demonstrations, we and our production crews have the wide range of skills, creativity, and sensitivity required to make any video production successful.



  • We are a small company, easily accessible and able to provide personalized service and individual attention to our clients. Our talented production crews are assembled to meet the needs of each particular project, and you'll find them highly professional and a pleasure to deal with. From the first day of pre-production until the project is completed, we work with, and for our clients, to be sure their goals are met. We also have a dedicated team, specifically, for wedding event production.



  • So how did you get involved in video?
  • I started out many years ago, 1979 to be precise, after buying a camcorder and portable video recorder from Dixons. After a few months I was asked by a neighbour and well established photographer, if I would like to bring along my video kit and videotape a wedding (for free of course) for a couple who he was taking the photographs for. I did this and edited the footage using two VHS recorders. The end product I gave to my neighbour. He viewed it and gave it to the happy couple. To my delight the couple asked for 10 more copies. They thought the editing and the production was first class. This was the start of my long career in video and multimedia production. We have come along way since that date, and I have achieved much more than I would have ever thought possible. We now use broadcast standard digital camera and non-linear computer editing facilities
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