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WARNING: Do NOT even attempt to plan your own wedding yourself until you read this page.

The Average Cost of a Single Wedding is Approaching 20,000. But It Doesn't Have to Be... In Fact, You Could Easily Slash Your Wedding Expenses As Much As 80% To Have the Exact Same Wedding!


Some Shocking Facts About Wedding Industry

It takes less than 100 to manufacture a wedding gown that normally retails at 1000.
More than 70% of wedding vendors will price a product or service higher if the word 'wedding' is mentioned.
In 2006, the average cost of a single wedding was 27,852, which had increased by 32% since 2000.

"My Amazing Wedding Planning Method and Tools Will Guarantee You the Following"
  • Save 50%-80% of your entire wedding expense to have the exact same wedding. And it doesn't matter whether your wedding budget is 5,000 or 50,000.
  • Never forget even the smallest detail and you never have to worry about any possible disaster or blunder.
  • Save hundreds of hours managing all guests, budget, vendors, gifts, seating, honeymoon, and more...
  • Plan your wedding in the shortest, quickest time possible...whether you currently have a full-time job or only a couple months to go before the wedding.
  • All of the above without hiring a wedding planner

Dear bride-to-be,

How much money can you put in your pocket if you saved just 10% on your wedding? It doesn't matter whether your wedding budget is 5,000, 10,000, or even $50,000.

Let's just say that your wedding budget is only 10,000. If you saved just 10%, it would give you 1,000 in savings.

But what if you could save 30%... 50%.... or even 80%?

Seems difficult or maybe impossible? Well, it's not... And that is exactly why I am here, to prove this to you. I can speak with confidence because I have not only followed my own advice but others have successfully used my advice as well.

But don't just take my word for it. Here is what others recently dad to say about my secrets recently.

"One Tip Saved Me a Few Hundred Dollars Already!"

The Money-saving tips and ideas that you gave me are nothing like I've heard before. Just last week I bought my wedding dress and accessories after following your step-by-step outline. Although I don’t know the exact amount but one tip probably saved me few hundred dollars already. Thank you!

Susan S.
Long Beach, California USA


"More Helpful Than My Wedding Planner!"

I hired a professional wedding planner to plan and manage my wedding. She was good to work with and I was happy. But after I read your guide I really felt that I paid too much for my wedding planner. Your guide contains everything I needed to know to plan my wedding from start to finish.

Your guide was more helpful than my wedding planner. Unfortunately I found this well after I started planning. If I would have known about it sooner, I wouldn't have spent thousands of dollars on a wedding planner.

Kimberly Riley
Pottstown, Pennsylvania USA


Who Am I Why You Should Listen To Me?

Hi, my name is Erica Yoon. I was recently married on May 2006. I planned my entire wedding myself. If there is anyone who knows how time-consuming and stressful planning a wedding can be, it's me.

Because I was (still am) working 64 hours/week and had over $100,000 in school loan debt... I had to work with a very limited time and budget. But I didn't want to have a mediocre, "cheap-looking" wedding that I might regret in the future.

I've just been there... I planned my entire wedding myself... And I had to work with a very limited budget... But ended up with a breathtaking wedding that many of my guests told me was the best wedding they've ever attended.


I also read all the bestselling books and magazines. (I had to do that when I had to save money as much as possible) But the truth is that most of the literature teach us to plan either a "cheap-looking" wedding or "make everything yourself".

But I can assure you my secret is unlike anything you have read or heard. You will be able to have that beautiful wedding you always wanted. AND... save a fortune in the process.

Without Having a Wedding in Your Backyard
Without Buying a Used or Cheap Quality Wedding Dress
Without Making Your Own Wedding Cake
Without Having Your Friend Taking the Wedding Photos
Without Negotiating with Wedding Vendors
Without Any "Cheap" Advice That You Will Normally Find in Wedding Books, Magazines, or Websites...


And for the past year, my guide has helped my friends and countless number of people who read and followed my advice to have their own special wedding, while saving thousands and thousands of dollars.

Please read this entire article and do not skip a word because this letter is all about your wedding.... How YOU too can have your own dream wedding and save up to 80% of your wedding expenses at the same time.




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